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Hey there! I'm Christine Kathryn, let me tell you a little about Myself ...  

I have a lifetime of experience in “the business of people” and the “gathering of knowledge”. I have an insatiable appetite for learning and expanding my understanding. I am curious to the extreme. I drove my parents batty with the question “why?” and continue asking questions to this day. One thing I know to be true: there is always more to know, more to learn, more to understand, see and do. 



Since graduating from college, I have had the opportunity to pursue a number of career paths and entrepreneurial adventures. Along the way I have nurtured skills within the spiritual mentoring, business and life coaching, teaching, and human resources and corporate training paths. Regardless of the position or industry I have been involved in, there has always been a dual role I’ve played at the core of every one of them and that is the role of student/teacher. I am passionate about teaching others what I’ve learned and am always stretching my comfort zone and expanding my knowledge.

I am here today, a life, business and relationship coach whose passion is helping adventurous and wandering types capture the life they dream of! I love helping my clients make their tomorrow happen today!



 I grew up among the trees of Wisconsin and alongside a farming community where people lived more closely to the land and the rhythms of nature. As a teen I spent my weekends learning to identify plants and birds. Nerd alert! I’m grateful for that period in my life as it provided me a strong foundation of connecting to nature and appreciating a more simple life. 


Going to college opened up a few new interests for me and, as a result, I took a detour from the outdoors to wander down a different path for a few decades. I pursued various career paths and entrepreneurial adventures and eventually I had the blessing of being a stay-at-home mom and raised 3 amazing kids. I like to say that, my husband at the time and father to my kids and I traveled the world to gather up our children. All three of my loves were adopted into our family coming from multiple countries and nationalities. Building my family expanded my world more than threefold!


Now, as my nest empties, I have decidedly been returning to what I loved as a kid and embarking on the adventures I've been secretly dreaming about for many years. Some of my recent adventures include exploring and camping in as many places as I can fit into my schedule, learning outdoor education and basic survival techniques and in early 2022, I bought my first motorcycle and am learning to ride both off-road and street.

I can confidently say I am daily taking the Next Right Steps toward living the life I've dreamed of and thoroughly enjoying the daily journey along the way!




While all of these “people experiences” have strengthened me and offered meaningful insights both personally and professionally, for most of my life, it wasn’t enough to equip me in the world of intimate relationships. After coming to the mutual decision to end my second marriage, I longed for resources and tools to do a better job of understanding who I am, how to choose a partner and how to stay in the thick of it to work things out and have a partnership that not only lasts (my second marriage lasted 25 years) but thrives! Enter: The Relationship School. 


After moving out on my own a few years ago and starting the divorce process, I enrolled in a course called DPIR (Deep Psychology of Intimate Relationships) through The Relationship School and my journey to becoming a relational leader began. The work I did while in that course equipped me to come back to my authentic self, to no longer be the victim but rather to become the author of my life. I took full responsibility for my actions in previous failed relationships and committed to speaking my truth going forward even when it’s hard - no - especially when it’s hard! That's where the growth is.


Adding to my keen intuitive sense and gift of “listening to understand”, I decided to add to my “helper” skills and completed the Relationship Coaching Certification program. The skills and tools I learned in that program helped me be a coach who supports, challenges, sees and hears my clients and guides them to reclaim their authentic selves. Ah, the authentic self, that part of us that gets lost along the way amidst the conditioning we receive growing up as we long for that elusive thing called unconditional love.


I look forward to walking alongside you as you recall and reclaim that person, your true self, and embark on the courageous journey toward becoming your own relational leader! We can't live the life we dream of if we are not coming from a place of authenticity and authorship!

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