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Engage With Me

verb en·gage \in-ˈgāj, en-\

: to hire (someone) to perform a particular service
: to pay for (help, services, etc.)

: to arrange to obtain the use or services of

Engage with me – I’m at your service!

Just as we are all uniquely designed, we are all at different points in our journey and we each have unique needs. As you move along your journey toward a more SPACIOUS LIFE, your needs and the approaches that work best for you are going to change. 


Not to worry! I offer a variety of opportunities to facilitate the work and I’ll be holding space for you every step of the way!


One-on-One Coaching covering any or all:
  • Personal life

  • Professional life

  • Relational life

Small Group Coaching covering any or all(Coming soon - get on the waitlist!)
  • Personal life

  • Professional life

  • Relational life

Artemis Weekend: Women’s Empowered Outdoor Experience

Friday, June 2 - Sunday, June 4, 2023

Details Coming soon - get on the waitlist!

My Approach
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My Approach

What is it like to work with me?

A coaching session with me is similar to having a conversation with your most trusted friend — only way better! 


Seriously though, I do aim for sessions to be that comfortable. And yet, I find it is better to work with me than chatting with your closest friend because I am able to serve as a supportive, yet emotionally detached listener. I make your work my primary focus when we are together and I keep your goals in mind, using them as a guide toward your chosen destination. I become invested in your journey and attend to you while holding you accountable as you grow in the ways you want to! 


My process is something I’ve cultivated over the years - a mixture of tapping into my life experience and multi-faceted training and calling upon my intuitive gifts.


Our time together will be spent with you sharing and me asking all the best questions and listening for the nuances you don’t always hear for yourself. I do a lot of reflecting back to you what I see, hear and feel. As an intuitive I am able to “see beyond” the physical. This proves beneficial for you as I’m able to detect blind spots and challenge you to tackle them and grow!

I have found it is beneficial to us to have another person walk alongside us on our journey. Granted, much of the WORK must be done on our own, but sometimes we also need someone there to hold us, support us, see & hear us as we bravely carry out our work. 


As I walk alongside you, I draw upon my own personal and professional experiences to help guide you on your journey to reclaim your own truth. Our OWN experiences are the only truths we can know. I don’t profess that I know what yours is, but I CAN GUIDE YOU TOWARD FINDING YOUR OWN TRUTH. 

Are you ready to embark on the most important adventure of your life?!

Should I go for it?


You should definitely go for it if any of the following are true...


  • Are leading a generally happy life, but you want MORE!!!!

  • Have a little bit of "rebel" in you and are looking to escape the "traditional" path of life and really LIVE!

  • Feel a bit burned out on your way of life, yet still have a strong desire and belief there is a better way to live!

  • Feel like you keep coming up against obstacles as you march toward your dream and wonder if there is a better way to get there!

  • You’ve been feeling STUCK in your pursuit of all that life has to offer!

  • Would label yourself as a “recovering Type A” personality and are open to learning something different!

  • Have dabbled in life-improvement practices such as time management techniques, productivity & life hacks, meditation, yoga, journaling and haven’t yet experienced the joyful freedom you were hoping for!

It's time!

Let's do this!

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